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House of the Dolphins

A large rosette with floral motifs decorating the center of the floor, surrounded by concentric  decorated  circles . On one of them you can even read the name of the manufacturer. The signature on such a project is rare, since mosaicists as ordinary craftsmen, usually lived  anonymously. Noteworthy is the band decorated with shaped heads of birds and lions. In the four corners of the floor meshes of dolphin couples, who are ridden by Cupid with the symbols of Hermes (caduceus), Neptune (trident), Dionysus (thyrsus) the symbol of the fourth Cupid is not distinct. The entire composition and the variety of colors is superb.

Source : (Delos – Mykonos C.Tsakos)

Tickets from Mykonos to Delos

1 Adult
No Children (0-6 years old)
No Children (6-12 years old)
22 €