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The Sacred Lake

The Lake House is one of the most elegant houses of Delos in a plot surrounded by roads all around. In the corners of the house, on granite stone,engraved emblems of the Dioscuri, which is a shield between two tapered pillars, were  saved. There were abominable symbols, like the phallus or the truncheon of Hercules. Particularly noteworthy is the superb well in the court yard reconstructed and a second one which  was built within the wall with a view to conserving space. The elegant mosaic floor with simple geometric designs.on the walls of the Mens  quarters  relics and  mortars still remain.

Source:(Delos – Mykonos C.Tsakos)

Tickets from Mykonos to Delos

1 Adult
No Children (0-6 years old)
No Children (6-12 years old)
25 €