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The Archaeological Museum in Delos

The Museum of Delos, as it is nowadays, includes nine exhibit areas. It is unique for the series of archaic sculptureof Cyclades and the samples of Hellenistic painting and the items of private living.

In the first two exhibit areas we find the work of archaic sculptures of Naxos and Paros. The archaicsculpture is continued in the third showroom, which mainly contains works of the 5th century B.C..

In the next three showrooms, we can see the works of Hellenistic sculpture with a very interesting series of portraits. The seventh showroom contains the samples of decoration of the houses: mosaic, murals, other furniture, marble and earthen figurines and vessels. Finally, in the two last showrooms we can see the development of the figurine-painting from the geometrical epoch till the end of the archaic period.


Tickets from Mykonos to Delos

1 Adult
No Children (0-6 years old)
No Children (6-12 years old)
25 €