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Terms of use & Privacy policy




Please click here to read about COVID-19 protocols.

Boarding procedure

Passengers must be at the point of departure at least 30 minutes before the boat leaves the port.

Please make sure you have your passport or ID card with you, as you may be asked for it to board the boat and at the entrance of the archaeological site.


Tickets passengers purchasing

The purchase of passenger tickets can be made in the following ways:

  • Through our website www.delostours.gr
  • At our company’s Ticket Offices, Old Port (from the departure point) Mykonos
  • From all collaborating Tourist Offices and Travel Agencies with delostours.gr


Ticket loss

In case of ticket loss, the passenger must buy a new ticket in order to travel.


Itinerary delay

The company is not responsible for any itinerary delay, deviation and not keeping scheduled route due to bad weather conditions or Ministry and Port Authorities Orders or due to force majeure and take place to ensure the safety of passengers. Where the scheduled service is not effected through the default of the Company or force majeure (e.g. prohibitive departure due to weather conditions), returned to the passenger's tentire value of the ticket.


Itinerary Cancellations

The company can proceed to a service cancellation due to adverse weather conditions or non sufficient number of passengers.


Cancellation policy

Boat tickets only

In case of cancellation, the ticket is fully refundable only if the cancellation happens no less than 7 days before the date and time of departure. 

If the cancellation happens less than 7 days before the date and time of departure, no refund is possible.

For same-day cancellations no refund is possible. 

For cancellations after the date of the tour or no shows, no refund is possible.

 Tickets are refunded only by the booking offices. Cancellation via telephone is not possible. The interested parties must return the ticket undamaged to the issuing agency.

In case of bad weather conditions, the tickets can be used for the next scheduled departure or can be fully refunded.


Private & Organized guided tours

 In case of cancellation, the booking cost is fully refundable only if the cancellation happens no less than 7 days before the date and time of departure.

 If the cancellation happens less than 7 days before the date and time of departure, no refund is possible.

For same-day cancellations no refund is possible. 

For cancellations after the date of the tour or no shows, no refund is possible.

 In case of bad weather conditions, the tour can be rescheduled for an alternative date or the booking cost can be fully refunded

Boat charters Cancellation Policy

 A 30% deposit (of the full amount) is required at the time of booking to confirm the reservation.

The remaining amount has to be paid at least four weeks before the date and time of departure.

 In case of cancellation, the booking cost is refundable as follows:

 If the cancellation happens from the time of booking up to 2 months before the date and time of departure, 100% of the booking cost is refundable.

 If the cancellation happens from 2 months up to 4 weeks before the date and time of departure, 50% of the booking cost is refundable.

 If the cancellation happens less than 4 weeks before the date and time of departure, no refund is possible.

Force majeure

In the event of cancellation of the trip due to force majeure (for which the “Company” or its customers bear no responsibility or liability): 
In this case, and if there is no possibility of postponing the trip for another date, the “Provider” will refund either the deposit or the full amount (if this has already been paid).
Examples of cases of force majeure are war, extreme weather, revolution, strikes, epidemics, fires, earthquakes, floods, extraordinary government decisions, etc.

The schedules may be subject to change, depending on pandemic data and circumstances as the Covid 19 situation develops throughout the summer months.

We therefore kindly ask you to check the timetables again shortly before your travel dates.

If we receive a charge-back or payment dispute (i.e. PayPal Dispute) from a credit card company or bank, your service and/or contract will be suspended without notice. A 50€ charge-back fee (issued to recover fees passed on to us by the credit company), plus any outstanding balances accrued as a result of the charge-back(s) must be paid in full. Instead of issuing a charge-back, please contact us to address any billing issues. Requesting a chargeback or opening a PayPal dispute for a valid charge from us is fraud, and is never an appropriate or even a legal mean of obtaining a refund. Please read carefully and make sure you fully understand our Cancellation/Refund policy prior to making a payment.


Tariffs / Other Charges / Discounts

A) Transportation to and from Delos The ticket price (fare) includes the passenger’s transportation at their destination port, as well as any additional legal charges thereon (VAT, port fees, etc.). The Company grants discounts to passengers in accordance with its commercial policy. Indicatively, we clarify the following:

  • Infants and toddlers up to six (6) years of age travel for free
  • Children from six (6) to twelve (12) years are entitled deduction 50% of the fare

B) Organized Tour to Delos. The price includes:

  • The Round Trip boat transfer
  • The entrance fee to the archaeological site
  • Authorized Tour Guide
  • Wireless tour guide system

Please note that the prices of the tickets for the organised guided group tour are package prices and, therefore, fixed for all passengers regardless of nationality or age.

Safety regulations onboard

It is strictly forbidden to carry firearms, explosives and other dangerous substances or materials on board. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of the ship. For navigation safety and environment protection, please do not throw lighted cigarettes outdoors ship or sea.


Baggage - Valuables - Money

The Company is not responsible for any money theft or loss and baggage, securities or other valuable objects inside the Vessel.



Pets are allowed on the ship outdoors. For hygiene reasons, the pets are prohibited to stay in other parts of the Vessel (such as bars, restaurants, indoors). When they move (always on a leash and escort) they should wear a muzzle. Passengers traveling with pets should always have with them a recently updated health book and are responsible for their care, safety and hygiene. People with disabilities who are accompanied by specially trained animals with all the required certificates in force, are allowed to accompany their owners in all areas of the boat. Pets are not allowed at Delos Site.


General information

Passengers must conform to all safety regulations during boarding, disembarking and navigation, as well as the Vessel Public Policy inside the ship and observe the hygiene rules. Furthermore, they must conform to any Captain instruction or crew direction during the trip and contact the appropriate crew members in case of trouble.

Wireless tour guide system use and return policy

- Upon purchasing the tour, you sign the electronic form about hiring the wireless tour guide system. You don't need to bring it with you, we will have it on record. In this form you assume full responsibility for safe use and return of the equipment.
- You will receive the equipment upon check-in and will return it when the tour is completed before embarkation on the boat from Delos to Mykonos.
- You will return the equipment to the designated Delos Travel rep in its original state.
- In case of loss or damage of the equipment, you will pay a fee of €50 for its replacement in cash before embarkation on the boat from Delos to Mykonos.

 The use of such equipment is mandatory by law as part of the protective measures against Covid-19 imposed by the relevant Authorities. 


Privacy Policy (GDPR.rules)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

The protection and administration of your personal data are bound to the terms of the current section and governed by the Greek law and the EU law (L. 2472/1997 for the protection of personal data, P.D. 207/1998 & 79/2000, Article 8 of L. 2819/2000 and L. 2774/1999 of European Law (directives 95/46/EC και 97/66/ΕC).

What user personal data we collect and how we do that?

When you call us, visit our website, ask questions or order one of our services, we may ask you for information (PI) such as name, address, email, telephone number, IBAN, age, date of birth and nationality. We collect information, directly or indirectly, in the following ways:

• Information you give us when you contact us or visit our website.
• Information we receive from your usage of our products and services or our collaborators services.
• We use various kinds of technologies for the collection and storage of the information, including the use of cookies.
• It is likely to use information from advertising networks, our customers or third parties, in order to let you know about special services that may interest you.

 How we use the personal data we collect?

We use the information we collect, according to the consent you provide us with, in order to: 

• Process your order 

• Provide you with personalized and updated services 

• Contact you to inform you about new services or products that may interest you 

• Process your payment or prevent or detect potential frauds 

• Answer your questions 

• Implement the framework of this Privacy Policy.

When you contact us, we keep a record of our communication messages so as to resolve any issues you may have. We do not allow any unauthorized entities, especially without your consent, to access your information. Your consent is prerequisite for all the above.

To whom we may disclose your personal data?

We do not disclose or share PI with companies, organizations or natural persons outside our business unless one of the following situations occurs:

• With your own consent: we share your personal information with companies, organizations and natural persons when we have your explicit consent.

• For external processing: We provide personal information to our external partners and businesses or people we trust in order to process it on our behalf based on our guidelines and in accordance with our Privacy Policy and any other confidentiality and security measures.

• For legal purposes: We share personal information with public services when it is reasonably necessary and in order to comply with laws, regulations, legal procedures or governmental demands.



Delostours.gr takes every precaution to protect your personal data when you are online and offline. All debit/credit card payments are processed through the electronic payment platform of "Alpha e-Commerce" of Alpha Bank which uses TLS 1.1 protocol encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key. All users’ personal information is limited for use in our offices and only our employees / officials who serve our clients have access to personal data. Furthermore, all employees are continuously informed in case of changes in security and data protection practices. Finally, the servers that store personally identifiable information are in a locked and secure environment.


Information Collection on Tour

Like most websites, we use log files. These include IP addresses, browser type, the internet service provider, etc. We analyze this information to continually improve the services we offer in delostours.gr. It is very important to understand that this information is collected anonymously.



The Cookie is a piece of data stored by the PC user and commits information about them. Cookies are used by all sections of delostours.gr for technical reasons and aim to ensure the best browsing experience of delostours.gr users. We communicate with users / visitors about their reservations or requests via e-mail or phone, depending how urgent the matter is.


Notification of Changes

In case of changes in our privacy policy, we will provide detailed information on this page. Please rest assured that the collection of information associated with the current policy will be carried out exactly as the current policy dictates, regardless of any future changes.